Monday, December 21, 2009

The Christmas Tree and the Christmas Cape

We finally got our tree! We also finally got our very own traditional Swedish Christmas cape.

My Birthday

The genius behind the birthday clementine concept.

Blowing out the birthday clementine.

What They Feed Their Animals

Skansen Again

Sign at the bus stop.
A Christmas pig.
Sheep in the manger?

The "school teacher's Christmas tree" at Skansen.

Decorating the Apartment

Out the window with candlelight.
Our Christmas candlesticks.
Some presents.
The advent star in the window.

More Snow in Sweden

Linnaeus covered in snow.
View of HumlegÄrden from inside the library.
Christmassy blizzard.

Snowy Sweden

The park by our house.

Waiting for the bus.

Walking by the Canal plus Treptower Park

At first, we thought there was a lot of garbage in the trees...
But on closer inspection it appeared to be art.
Graffiti on a boat.
Graffiti boat in the canal.
We liked this building.

Shots in the Dark

Big A little a show at Raum 18 in Berlin. This was before they played.
This light was right in front of me during the show.
There were also projections.
Max! The best skogstroll.

Berlin Arts and Art Enjoyers Part II

Bands at the after party. Shortly before this picture was taken, I accidentally turned on all the lights and interrupted the fun, but then I turned them back off again.
A glimpse of Max through the crowd!
Hat and pants.
Jingle boots.
Coats on inside because it's cold.

Berlin Arts and Art Enjoyers Part I

Berlin in Books

Random book vendor in Berlin has Berlin Alexanderplatz AND all three volumes of Das Kapital next to each other on the same table.