Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cupcake Culture

I was surprised to see cupcakes in a trendy cafe in Södermalm after my cupcake experience in Lund last year. I made cupcakes for my friend Patrick's birthday and brought them over to his student dorm. We shared them with his hall-mates, who insisted on calling them "muffins" and worse, eating them with spoons. Not a single Swede finished a cupcake. Afterwards, more than one person complained to me that "Your muffins have made me feel ill. They are too sweet."

And then we had lunch

The place looked promising, but the food was...

More Boats to Love


Public Commentaries

This park bench says "I will paint the whole world mommy." It's part of the lyrics from a children's song from the 60s.

Duck Duck Duck

At first I was worried about this duck since it's already pretty cold here, and he didn't seem to have flown south like most of the other ducks. But he seemed to be having a nice time.

Walking by the Water

After the gardens and tiny cottages, we walked along Hornstull Strand where there are little boats and benches and other pleasant things.

More Tiny Houses and Flowers

These are part of the same community garden/tiny cottage area in Södermalm.

Adorable community gardens and cottages

Along the southern shore of Södermalm, there are many small cottages and gardens. I think it is some kind of a collective, but the kind of thing where you have to have signed up at birth to be able to have a plot of land here.

Happy Bike Things

"You who are biking/ Think about us"
Not sure what enjoyment specifically is being endorsed. Enjoy biking? Enjoy this bike seat cover? Enjoy in general?
Crescent is a popular brand of bikes here. This is my favorite bike chain cover that I've ever seen.

The Royal Dog Cemetery

All of the pet dogs of the royal family are buried here. Looking at the tombstones, you'll see that the most recent royal dog lived for twenty years. I wonder if they have an on-staff royal veterinarian.

Kinaslott/China Castle

The China Castle is a mock-Oriental structure that one of the Swedish kings had built as a surprise birthday present for the queen.

Guards' Tent

This was an 18th century wooden guard house, built out of wood, but meant to look like a Turkish army tent. My favorite part is the wooden tassels, that are carved to look like real cloth tassels.

The Royal Labyrinth

A lot of people were picnicking inside the labyrinth, in the secluded little gardens. There were also a lot of kids hiding in the hedges and giggling when you walked by.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Royal Backyard

Really very pleasant. It seems to be a popular destination for Swedish families, who let their children run wildly through the hedge labyrinth. Dogs are allowed too, which I think is pretty generous on the part of the royal family.

Lots of nice sculptures about, I think many of them are replicas of 17th century Adriaen de Vries sculptures, which are inside in a special museum on the palace grounds.
The Swedish flag was a nice touch.
I like how palaces in Sweden are painted cheerful colors, like yellow or pink.

The Royal Ride

One of the royal cars. It had many admirers.

Inside Drottningholm Palace

This is the library, which I found to be a step up from old Bobst at NYU.

For sale, beautiful gold books, never read. (I wish.)
You weren't supposed to take pictures inside, but I couldn't help myself. Don't worry - I didn't use a flash. This was a bedroom, which I thought would make a nice guest room.

I'm pretty sure the palace was meant to be a close imitation of Versailles, and if memory serves, it's pretty similar (especially the French baroque garden outside).