Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making Cleaning Cute

Last night we waited for the subway (the last train, which left around 12:30am). We were sitting on the bench when all of a sudden this man started driving around with this cleaning machine, which washes the floor and then has a squeegee attached to the back to wipe up the water. He did several rounds, one of which involved everyone sitting on the benches waiting for the train having to lift up their legs so he could clean near the benches.
Our friend who was waiting for the train with us said that in his office building, the janitor has a similar drivable vacuum cleaner for the carpets in the hallway.
This is the trash shoot in our friend's building. It's decorated with cute stickers that give you advice about how to put your trash in the shoot and then it's like "Thanks for the help!!"

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