Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snökaos/Snow chaos

Outside of the library.
Inside of the library. It feels especially cosy inside the library when it is so blustery and snowy outside. I thought this was just what winter in Stockholm was like, but according to my friends, this is the coldest, snowiest winter in about 15 years!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why to make semlor

It is impossible to look unhappy when you are holding a plateful of adorable homemade semlor!

How to make semlor

Semlor are a sort of Swedish cream puff that are traditionally eaten on "Fettisdag" (mardis gras). Many Swedish friends have explained the disappointing trend in which this special treat is now available for about three months instead of on the one day. "Every year semlor come even earlier!" In any case, my friend Mea's family makes their own semlor each year (on the correct day) and they were nice enough to invite me along. The buns are flavored with cardomom, and then in the true Swedish tradition, stuffed to the gills with whipped cream and marzipan. Yum!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ida Sjöstedt presentation

The lovely Mea, who kindly took me along to these fashion events.
The bar itself was very pretty.

There were also special pale pink drinks for the presentation. I think they were basically vodka tonics with a splash of Campari.

Ida Sjöstedt presentation

The more I looked at these dresses, the more I liked them. I felt a little bad for the models, who were in a very crowded bar in very delicate and beautiful dresses. It seemed inevitable that they would get ripped or stepped on. The models were very gracious about all the people poking, prodding, and photographing them.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cheap Monday inside the show

This was a fun show. They played really good music.

Stockholm Fashion Week - Cheap Monday show

The Cheap Monday show was in a big warehouse by Frihamnen - the port for ferries going to Finland and Estonia etc. The show was open to anyone who RSVP'd, and there were hundreds of people there. This was our walk from the bus stop to the show.

Bröd means Bread

This was my first ever bread baking experiment. It was really fun! The recipe was for two loaves, but I made one loaf plus yummy dinner rolls.

Stockholm Fashion Week - Day One

Pictures from the Dagmar show - the jaded fashion editor look is universal! The bottom picture is a guy who was standing in front of me at the press conference. He was taking pictures so I guess he was a photographer, but otherwise I would have guessed he was a Private Detective reporting on the mystery of the stolen shoe.

Stockholm Fashion Week - Day One

Blogging is a really big thing here. Fashion bloggers are almost like celebrities.